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Pac-Nik is the exciting new game from Mugfretsoft Inc. The evil Mark Isaac must be stopped! Can you gobble up all the planning objection letters he's sent to Boston Borough Council before it's too late!!?

Score Guide:

0-100 letters eaten - You idiot! The plans have been thrown out, and now Isaac and his cronies are puffing cigars in the boardroom!
100-200 letters eaten - Shit! Boston Borough Council are demanding hard drugs and hookers to approve the plans.
200-300 letters eaten - Getting there, but the plans have been referred to the Deputy Prime Minister. We're f*cked.
300-400 letters eaten - Your efforts weren't enough to save Jim Rodwell from being lynched by irate Cuckoo Land Community protesters.
400-500 letters eaten - You'd best start seriously thinking of actually arranging to BUY the land at Boardsides....
500-600 letters eaten - Woo-hoo! You have planning permission! Ohhh, but only for Tattershall Road.....
600-700 letters eaten - CONGRATULATIONS! You've been granted planning permission for the Lavaflow Arena!